The rapid spread and growth rate of mobile communications using the radiofrequency spectrum, such as in cell phones and wireless data networks, has caused increased concern among government regulators, politicians, scientists, the mass media and the general public over the potential effect of the resultant electromagnetic pollution on human health and well being, not only on users of such technologies, but also on the population which is exposed to fields around base stations and access points.

This concern has prompted many national and international bodies, research groups and independent boards to evaluate the scientifc literature, in order to find what are the objective evidences for such a potential effect. Thousands of papers have been published and reviewed so far, and the World Health Organization, the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) have carried out meetings and reviews, published reports, recommended courses of actions and safety limits, etc.

From the years 2007 to 2010, the Edumed Institute for Education in Medicine and Health, and independent, not for profit research, development and education institution has convened a Latin American Scientifix Expert Panel, Its aim was to produce and publish an independent consensus report in which the recent literature on the possible biological and health effects of high-frequency electromagnetic fields, such as those used for radio and TV communication, mobile voice and data communication and wireless data networks, from a point of view of the region’s scientist. As much as possible, recent research produced in the region was to be evaluated, using rigorous criteria regarding scientific quality and non-biased approaches to the investigation of relationships.

This site has been created to publish and to discuss the main results and conclusions of the literature review to all stakeholders and interested parties in this area in Latin America.